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Rick EatonThank you for your interest in my knives. I started scrimshawing in 1979. I made some buckskinner knives in 1982, and started engraving in 1983. I started making handmade knives in 1984, after learning from my father. In 1993 I went full time into knifemaking & engraving, quitting my job as an operating engineer. I have been a voting member of the Knifemakers Guild since 1997.

Although I make all kinds of knives, I prefer one-of-a-kind art pieces. My specialties are art folders and art daggers. With folders, I offer several models with a step-down on the handle front, which gives the illusion of being a fixed blade. The locking-liner and sidelock knives are one-hand opening, using the back edge on the blade which is hidden when the knife is open, giving it a more pleasing appearance. On sidelock folders, each side is milled out of one piece, making a very strong knife.

Steel: I use 440C (Rockwell 58-59), 154CM and ATS-34 (Rockwell 61-63) and Damascus in my knives.

Grind & Finish: I offer mirror or satin finishes in hollow- or flat-ground blades.

Fittings: 416 & 410 stainless steel are my standard materials for fittings. I also offer nickel silver, blued steel, sterling silver and gold.

Handles: I offer exotic woods, abalone, pearl, ivory, horn, stag, coral and stone.

Sheaths: Folders come with a fitted leather pouch. Working knives are supplied with a handmade leather sheath. Fixed blade art knives are supplied with a zipper case. I also offer metal tipped and all metal sheaths at an extra cost.

Engraving: My knives feature very fine hand-engraving in a variety of styles in microscopic detail. Prices quoted are on an individual basis.

Custom Work: I welcome the opportunity to aid you or design for you a special knife that will have more meaning to you personally. Priced are individually quoted.

Terms: I require a 10% deposit on all knives ordered. My delivery times vary depending on the size of the job. I will give you an approximate delivery date at the time of deposit. Full payment is due on completion.

My Guarantee: My guarantee covers workmanship and materials. This assumes the knife is used properly as a cutting tool. Obvious abuse will void the guarantee. This guarantee excludes natural materials, as many of these can check or develop cracks with age. If you are not completely satisfied with your knife, return it within 10 days for a full refund.

Through my life and work, I find inspiration in the Bible. Click here to read some of the Bible verses that mean a lot to me.

Rick Eaton
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Finely hand-crafted knives & quality hand engraving
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